People from all over the world depend on mobile experiences, a trend that will never stop expanding.

Today, mobile devices offer people the ability to explore new horizons. We partner with technology and content owners to bridge the mobile experience for you.

The interactions that people have with computers, televisions, video games, and the relationships that hold strong between the devices are changing lives everywhere. The consumer technologies market is increasingly illuminating many parts of the world.

Mobile content and applications

At MAKE-MO, we help you deliver unique experiences, by providing relevant mobile applications and value-added content, which in turn reduce churn rates, and improve client relationships.

We integrate with operator’s customer loyalty programs and billing systems to reduce processing costs usually associated to third party companies.

Our secure technology platforms, combined with our vast technical and developmental experience, facilitates the implementation of new solutions, reduces time-to-market, and minimizes the fatigue of technological resources.

  • Platform Services (MCP)
  • Master Content Programming
  • Enterprise App Stores
  • Unlimited Music
  • Game Rental Programs
  • Subscription Clubs
  • Smartphone App Development
  • SMS Apps
  • MMS Apps

Mobile Marketing

At MAKE-MO we unlock new revenue streams for mobile operators and brands by providing the marketing and technology tools they need to reach their clients.

Customer Value Management

Our solutions supply companies with the ability to develop personalized services for their clients, with the objective of maximizing earnings and individual client satisfaction. Customer Value Management serves to fortify client marketing programs, uphold client loyalty, and manage client relationships.

Multiple operators currently implement Customer loyalty methods. However, few maintain the administrative and operative discipline required to constantly attain profound results.

We provide the right solutions for our clients to create profitable relationships their customers. Our modular technology adapts to our world of partners, that range from mobile network operators, to phone manufactures, to brand owners.

Mobile Network Operators

With 15 years of experience in the industry and an array of resourceful partners, we are conscious of the way the mobile world operates.

  • Low ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) rates, the regulatory environment that media companies face, and the entry of new competitors are just a few of the industry’s challenges.

Handsets OEM’s

Phone manufacturers are facing a competitive environment, where creating a unique product continues to increase in difficulty.

We offer mobile phone OEMs state-of-the-art services for their devices, in order to effectively differentiate their products and create income streams beyond the device itself.

Media Companies

Media companies face a world where content continues to be distributed through inherited technologies including the TV and the radio, but now mobile devices have been introduced to the equation.

We not only enable media companies to connect with their audiences through mobile channels, but we also empower them to distribute their content to users, helping them obtain additional income streams.

Brands and Advertisers

In this mobile world, brands and advertisers may not ignore the importance of the mobile channels.

  • Our extensive experience, acquired through a 15-year track, empowers our brand and advertiser partners to implement world class marketing campaigns.

Application Developers and Content Owners

As one of the main content aggregators in the industry, working with more than 50 content proprietors and distributing more than 15 million content assets through multiple channels, we focus on monetizing those assets.